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If your hard-drive has failed, the Registry in Windows™ has become severely corrupted or; in rare cases, the machine is VERY heavily infected with Spy-ware, Mal-ware or Viruses, an Operating System re-install may be necessary. This is generally considered a LAST RESORT except in the event of catastrophic hardware failure.

While an end-user can probably install the O.S. themselves; locating and properly configuring all the necessary Hardware Drivers, is quite another matter. We always recommend that a qualified technician perform this operation as it can rapidly become  frustrating and the potential for an incorrect Hardware Driver to simply re-corrupt the registry or cause other problems is high.

Our O.S. Installation fee covers the proper configuration of your hard-drive, installation of the O.S. / all required drivers & updates (please let us know if you require us to install printer drivers for you, as we will need the exact model number of the device to proceed) / installation of additional web-browsers and our recommended anti-virus program (if you desire).

Our technicians then thoroughly test the installation to ensure it will operate properly when you get your machine home or to your office.

Usually we purchase a piece of software, take it home, stick the disk in the computer, Click…Click…Click…. And it magically installs perfectly.

Then there are the times it doesn’t…. So now what?

Give us a call, we can help!

Whether you are getting cryptic errors such as: “avgui.dll is missing”, or you are trying to set up a software package for your business and it doesn’t like your system, We can help!

Our Software Technicians are skilled at whipping those pesky software bugs into submission in no time.

Don’t tear your hair out trying to fix it yourself…. You have better things to do with your time I am sure.

Bring us the computer, the software package(s) and any associated required hardware (such as the bar-code scanner mentioned above) and we will install and configure that pesky software for you right away.

We can even come out to your home or business and install it there for a nominal additional fee.

PLEASE NOTE: The cost of the O.S. installation does NOT include the price of any required hardware (such as a new hard-drive if yours is damaged or dead), nor the installation of said hardware.
Also, this procedure will DESTROY ALL THE DATA existing on the drive!
Please back-up anything you wish to save such as: Email settings, web-browser favorites, documents, pictures, music, etc. before requesting this service.
We cannot be held liable for lost or corrupted data during this procedure.
If you are unable to back-up your data, please inquire about our Data Recovery service.

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