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Cool down this summer, and don’t forget your PC

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How does the weather effect my tech?

With the nice weather finally here, many of us grab our laptop, tablets and phones and head out into the sunshine (as we know its all too rare).

But while temperatures rise to an expected 27 degrees in Tayside, spare a thought for your tech. It doesn’t matter whether its an office PC or a home laptop, the rise in temperatures can cause the internal fans to work overtime to clear the hot air. While most fans can cope with a little heat every so often, if your fan is already dusty or clogged, the system can become dangerously overheated and cause hardware issues.

Think of your computers internal components as a technical type of ‘popcorn’. While normally it doesn’t get anywhere near hot enough to cause issues, the warm weather combined with dusty fans and confined spaces can cause things to ‘pop’. The most common heat related issues we see in our Perth repair workshop are:

  1. Power Supply Failure: The internet supply that distributes power across the computer can become so hot its capacitors can ‘pop’ or leak. This is made worse if the internals of the system are already dusty. This is most common in smaller desktop or all-in-one computers. We can repair these types of failure in store, without appointment.
  2. Unwanted or Sudden Shutdowns: When a computers detects its processor or other component is too hot to function normally, the computer can initiate a ‘thermal shutdown’. This stops any further damage to the system, although, results in the loss of anything you were working on at the time. This can be linked to a dust build-up internally or the fan not operating properly.
  3. Noisy Computers: When a fans is working overtime to coll the system, it can become very noisy. This can cause disruption in an office and also cause the system to run slower than usual. The internal fans and its bearings can become worn and inefficient due to dust or smoke on the blades. This can be remedied fairly easily with a new fan or internal air clean.

What Should You Do?

The easiest and quickest way to ensuring your computers are ok is to have regular internal air cleans carried out. We have a powerful air compressor in our workshop which can remove all but the most stubborn of dust and smoke build-up. This should be carried out every 6-12 months to ensure the system is running at its correct temperature.

  1. Air cleans can be carried out same-day and for as little as £5, which can save you hundreds in the long run if your PSU or CPU is damaged by heat! No need to book a space, just bring it into our Kinnoull Street shop. Air-cleans are also carried out as part of any other repair!
  2. It is also important to keep the air flowing around the PC, if its stuck in a cupboard or desk, open the door and shut down the machine when its not being used.
  3. Keep out of direct sunlight, although it looks pretty to be looking out onto a beautiful blue sky whilst working, your computer can seriously overheat, with the case acting as a greenhouse and cooking internal components. This is even more important for a laptop, as airflow is much more restricted.

If you have any questions or want to have us give your computer a once over, contact us on 01738 446655 or via our live chat below.

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